Lehrstuhl für Organisation

Internationalization and Organization I


Master lecture

Advanced Business Administration Organization

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Joachim Wolf


In this lecture topics from the following areas are discussed:

During the last decade international business activities have not only increased in volume but have also changed in its kind. Due to the increasing transfer of production as well as research and development activities to foreign countries, questions of international strategy, organization and cross-cultural management have increased in importance. This course teaches management and organization theories and concepts useful for designing both traditional and new forms of international business activities.

·         Quantitative and qualitative trends in the international business environment

·         Modes of foreign market entry

·         Theoretical approaches for the explanation of different modes of foreign market entry

·         Conceptual and methodological approaches to country culture

·         Strategies and instruments for international human resource management

·         Strategies of international companies

·         Organization of international companies

Depending upon the progress we will make in the lecture, further chapters will be discussed.


Further Information

Language of Instruction: English

Credit Points: 5

Form of teaching: lecture and tutorial


Detailed information, room numbers, times and dates of lectures, tutorials and exams will be published on “UnivIS” or “OLAT” respectively.



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Essential readings (for Non-German students):

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