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Dorothee Hohensee, M.Sc.

Research Assistant

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Dissertation project

Involvement of foreign subsidiaries multinational companies’ reactions to climate change

Anthropogenic climate change is an international problem with no national borders. Multinational companies play an important role in reducing and avoiding future emissions. They are also directly affected by the consequences of climate change and have to react to the changed conditions, manage the risk with foresight and, in particular, convert it into opportunities. However, the different countries in which multinational companies operate are affected to different degrees by the consequences of climate change and are exposed to different institutional regulations.

For this dissertation, this raises the question of how multinational companies’ foreign subsidiaries react to the local conditions and which requirements are set by the company headquarters. In its empirical dimension, this doctoral research study rests on a qualitative analysis conducted in several multinational companies.


Curriculum vitae



Summer term 2020

  • Tutorial bachelor lecture "Management"


Winter term 2019/20

  • Tutorial master lecture "Empirische Organisationsforschung"
  • Assistance bachelor seminar "Klimawandel als Herausforderung für (multinationale) Unternehmen"
  • Assistance research seminar "(Wie) Reagieren Unternehmen auf den Klimawandel? Zustand - Handlungsmöglichkeiten - Konsequenzen"


Summer term 2019

  • Tutorial bachelor lecture "Management"
  • Tutorial master lecture "Schlüsselkonzepte der Organisationstheorie"


Summer term 2018

  • Assistance research seminar "Digitalisierung und deren Konsequenzen für die Führung von Unternehmen"
  • Tutorial bachelor lecture "Management"