Chair of Organization Theory and Design

Daniel Diekmann, M.Sc.

Research Assistant


Office hours: by appointment


Dissertation project

The Role of the Headquarters in Multinational Corporations

For many years research in the field of multinational companies primarily dealt with the coordination of the corporate headquarters and its subsidiaries. Since the 1990s its focus shifted towards the examination of the network of subsidiaries. As a result of this focus, there are now two very different beliefs about the role of headquarters in multinational companies: while some authors consider an active and leading involvement of the headquarters as highly critical to success, other researchers view the headquarters’ role as limited or even negligible.

In this context research and practice face the question of what role the headquarters of multinational companies in highly complex environments actually plays respectively should play.

In this research project, the role of the headquarters of multinational corporations is intensely examined in order to obtain a realistic understanding of its tasks and their effect on corporate performance. Furthermore, the project focusses on the identification of crucial contextual variables that require more or less active or dominant involvement of the MNC’s headquarters in its interplay with the subsidiaries.


Curriculum vitae



Summer term 2016

  • Tutorial master lecture "Internalization & Organization"

  • Tutorial bachelor lecture "Personalführung"

  • Tutorial / assistance bachelor lecture "Unternehmenspolitik"


Winter term 2015/16

  • Tutorial master lecture "Organization Design"

  • Assistance research seminar "Konzepte der Management- und Organisationswissenschaft - Bestandsaufnahme, Theoriebezug, aktuelle Bedeutung" (with Dipl. Kfm. Christian Kolls)


Summer term 2015

  • Tutorial bachelor lecture "Management" (with Dipl.-Kfm. Christian Kolls)

  • Tutorial master lecture "Internationalization and Organization"

Winter term 2014/15

  • Tutorial bachelor lecture "Unternehmensführung und Organisation" (with Dipl.-Kfm. Christian Kolls)

  • Assistance bachelor seminar "Praxisbezogene Publikationen in managementorientierten Zeitschriften - Darstellung, Anwendungsbezug und Kritik" (with Dipl.-Kffr. Alexa Baumgärtner)

  • Tutorial master lecture "Organization Design"

  • Assistance research seminar "Funktionen der Unternehmenszentrale im multinationalen Unternehmen vor dem Hintergrund unterschiedlicher Strukturmodelle" (with Dipl.-Kfm. Christian Kolls)

Summer term 2014

  • Assistance case study seminar "Strategische und organisationsbezogene Aktionen von Unternehmen im internationalen Wettbewerb" (with Dipl.-Kffr. Alexa Baumgärtner and Dipl.-Kfm. Christian Kolls)

Winter term 2013/14

  • Tutorial bachelor lecture "Unternehmensführung und Organisation" (with Dipl. Kfm. Christian Kolls)