Chair of Organization Theory and Design



Bachelor lecture

Elective „Business Administration“

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Joachim Wolf


In this lecture topics from the following range are discussed:


  • Subjects and concepts of leadership
  • Leadership theories
    • Trait theory (person approach)
    • Role theory (group approach)
    • Contingence and interaction theory (person-structure approach)
  •   Motivational and cognitive concepts relevant for leadership
    • Hierarchy of needs (Maslow)
    • Value orientations of employees
    • Two-factor theory of job satisfaction (Herzberg)
    • Concepts of man
    • Expectancy theory (Vroom)
  • Empirical leadership studies
    • One-dimensional concepts of leadership studies (Iowa studies)
    • Multidimensional concepts of leadership studies (Ohio studies)
  • Normative concepts of leadership
    • Management by objectives (Humble/Odiorne)
    • Situational leadership theory (Hersey/Blanchard)
    • Contingency model (Fiedler)
    • Vroom-Yetton decision
    • oriented leadership model
    • Symbolic leadership
    • Transactional vs. transformational leadership
    • Empowerment
    • Leadership in teams
    • Instruments for the selection of managers and for influencing leader/follower behaviors
    • Assessment center
    • Leadership principles
    • Coaching


Further Information

Language of Instruction: German

Credit Points: 5

Form of teaching: lecture and tutorial


Detailed information, room numbers, times and dates of lectures, tutorials and exams will be published on “UnivIS” or “Olat” respectively.



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