Chair of Organization Theory and Design

Bachelor proseminar "Methods of Scientific Work" summer term 2014

Profiling Field “Methodical Basics”

Dipl. Kffr. Alexa Baumgärtner


This event is limited to authorization. An application under from 04.01.2015 to 30.04.2015 is necessary.

Topics of the seminar

Preliminary subjects:

I. Writing a paper

     1. Project planning
     2. Literature review
     3. Compiling a structure

     4. Conducting empirical research

     5. Content-related issues

     6. Formal-related issues

II. Oral presentation

General Informationon on the seminar

This course is particularly for bachelor students wanting to prepare for writing seminar papers and theses. 2,5 credit points (as part of "Profilierungsbereich") can be achieved by passing this course. At the end of the course the participants will give an oral presentation.

  •  Course language: German

  • For the dates of the seminar please refer to the Univis.

  • 2,5 credit points can be acquired through a passed oral presentation.