Lehrstuhl für Organisation

Organization Design


Master lecture

Advanced Business Administration Organization

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Joachim Wolf


In this lecture topics from the following areas are discussed:

·         Fundamentals of Organization Design

·         Models of Organizational Structures

·         Dimensions of Organizations and Non-structural Coordination Instruments

·         Contemporary Organizational Concepts

Depending upon our progress during the lecture we will discuss a further topic dealing with the organization design of multinational companies.


Further Information:

Language of Instruction: English

Credit points: 5

Form of teaching: lecture and tutorial


Detailed information, room numbers, times and dates of lectures, tutorials and exams will be published on “UnivIS” or “OLAT” respectively.



For German-speaking Students:

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Kieser, A., Walgenbach, P., Organisation, 6th ed., Stuttgart 2010.

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