Lehrstuhl für Organisation

Internationalization and Organization II


Master lecture

Advanced Business Administration Organization

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Joachim Wolf


In this lecture topics from the following range are discussed:               

This lecture extends and specifies the topics presented and discussed in the lecture “Internationalization and Organization I” (Summer term). In the lecture “Internationalization and Organization II” we will focus on cultural, strategic and organizational questions related to companies’ international business activities. First, we will study how to conceptualize and how to empirically study the culture of foreign countries. Then, we will focus on strategic aspects (strategic orientations of international companies; configuration of their value chain) of international companies. In the chapters “Organization of international companies” we will focus on structural and non-structural organizational adaptations necessary during the internationalization process of companies.

  • Conceptual and methodological approaches to country culture
  • Strategies of international companies
  • Organization of international companies I: Archetypes of macro structures
  • Organization of international companies II: Empirical studies referring to strategy and structure of international companies
  • Organization of international companies III: Technocratic and person-oriented coordination of international com-panies
  • Strategies and instruments of international human resource management


Depending upon the progress we will make in the lecture, further chapters will be discussed.


Further Information

Language of Instruction: English

Credit Points: 5

Form of teaching: lecture and tutorial


Detailed information, room numbers, times and dates of lectures, tutorials and exams will be published on “UnivIS” or “OLAT” respectively.



Essential readings

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